July 18, 2012

Sleep talk... Sleep Walk... Sleep Punch... Sleep Kick...

... bruises abound!

I read a post the other day about how this guy's wife sleep talks.  He's noticed it since they got married.  HA!!  I can up you by about 110%, buddy!  After my story you'll be thanking your wife for JUST sleep talking.

Going back to when I was a spry youngster, I remember my parents telling me a short quippy story about how my younger brother, Greg, and I sleep talked.  Not only did we sleep talk, but we sleep conversed!!  I can't remember any specific conversations we had, but I do remember my parents saying how we would converse in the hotel rooms we stayed at while traveling or laying in our sleeping bags camping.

I've always thought my brother and I are twins three years removed.

When my ex-husband and I adopted Miracle we noticed -- or moreover I noticed because I was the one always awakening every two hours to feed her, but I digress! -- that she began having minor night terrors very early on.  I think that was the fallout of her three and a half week stay at the hospital on constant ventilators immediately after birth... but... I digress!

As she grew, she continued to have night terrors where she would be lying in bed then bolt upright as if she were possessed by the devil himself... yelling or crying or telling someone not to open the cupboard or wanting her cousin to stop and go the other way or cooing and oohing at Boomer, the dog....  Sometimes she would pound her fist repeatedly into her pillow mumbling something about something.  In all honesty, there have been so many instances over the years that there are too many to count and remember.

There was one time whilst lying on my back oh so comfortably (or so I thought because I was SOUND asleep), when I was RUDELY awakened by a fist connecting to my NOSE!!  Oh... just another night terror!

There have been numerous times that I've had my shins kicked and scraped and little arms and legs trying to borough themselves DEEPLY under my own appendages, side and back. 

But, I digress!

All these fond memories were brought back to my attention when my brother came down to visit and stayed in Miracle's room for a few nights.  He said he was awakened repeatedly throughout the night between Miracle's shout outs to the air followed my by soothings of "oh, it's okay.  yeah, yeah. go back to sleep."

Hmmm, the sleep talk curse seems to have come full circle!