October 25, 2011

The Single Mommy Money Pit... "the dog"

Will it EVER get any financially easier??? 

Right when, within 24-hours of uttering the words to my dad, "wow, I've been able to actually save up a little money and have a wee bit of a cushion", do I no sooner have to shell out more money to the vet... YET AGAIN!

After spending oodles and oodles of money that I don't have over the summer for a new medicine regiment and "special" dog food.  Having to float some bills.  Having to creatively smart grocery shop (yes, as always anyway!!!).  Not being able to replace the two pairs of shoes that I HAVE to wear over and over and over and over again that are on the verge of disintegrating before my eyes.  Having to shell out yet more money for the public school Miracle goes to that needs donations and PTO and fund raisers and....

Poor Boomer, my little knight of a furry four-legged beacon of utter unconditional love!!!

He had a bout of  :: ahem ::  diarrhea for about four days.  He was eating and drinking and being his usual flexible, I-don't-want-to-worry-or-inconvenience-anyone self.  I took "a sample" to the vet where he proceeded to tell me that he had no parasites... but, then that would mean no money for him!   So, of course, we need to take a course of action with i/d Prescription food for gastrointestinal issues, then a pill for the diarrhea and a pill for something or other else. 

Well, because I am who I am, I went for it.  And, yes, that was after I broke down in the vet's office yammering about the money I spent over the summer and how I'm really struggling to make it.  I REALLY am!!! 

And then I look down at that honey colored furry friend of mine with the golden brown eyes.  "It's okay, mommy" he seemed to say.  "It's okay, mommy, cuz it's always okay.  It always works out."

God, I love that dog!!!  My heart fills with the warmth of the blood gushing and rushing around when I look at that face!  That handsome little knight of a furry four-legged beacon of utter unconditional love face!!!

October 10, 2011

From the Earth...

... through the eyes of an eightyear-old.

Miracle took the leftover wrapping paper that was old and crinkled, flipped it over and drew this picture that we hung up on the wall as we don't have any artwork up there. 

I love what she came up with....

... the brain!!

October 4, 2011

Sierra vs Sierra Sidewinder

Okay, this is some funny stuff.  Miracle (Sierra) was about five years old when she FIRST rode this ride.  THIS is the video of that first time.  She was so scared and I thought I would never get her on it again.  After this first ride, she wanted to go on it again and again and AGAIN!

To this day, this is one of her favorite rides and this video makes us both laugh to tears almost.  Actually, my mom says this ride is a form of child abuse.   I just LOVE how she starts out so excited, happy and carefree!  She has no idea what she is actually in for.

But, all joking aside I had to film this video from the DVD/TV so it's definitely not as good as the original.  You should get the idea!

October 3, 2011

Boys vs Men

I really liked the below snippet that I read... re-read and then had to steal, of course, to share.

It gives me some great ponderence-ness to this.  The blurb should be self-explanatory, really.


Boys ask questions ---- Men give answers!!!

Boys play house ---- Men build homes!!!

Boys shack up ---- Men get married!!!

Boys make babies ---- Men raise children!!!
A man will raise his and someone else's!!!

Boys invent excuses for failure --- Men produce strategies for success!!!

Boys look for somebody to take care of them --- Men look for someone to take care of!!!

Boys seek popularity --- Men demand respect and know how to give it!

#41 of the top 50 blogs in: single parent

Well, this is an unprecedented level from me in the world of miscellaneous trivial accomplishments....

My singlemommyrants is number 41 of 50 blogs...  See, see?  And I only have two followers. 

Yay for me....  Hahahah!