January 7, 2014

An Army of Angels... and lessons taught.

I had one of the weirdest experiences tonight than I've had since I was....  about 25!!!

My evening getting off work was the same as any other.  I meandered out the door, tumbled into the car, surprised at the breezy traffic and marveled at the wondrous sunset on the way home.  We've been having some fabulous sunrises and sunsets... as I see both every day!!

I got home to pick up the dogs to go to the parentals' house to join them for dinner.  As I was packing up our leashes and supplies I heard this blood curdling scream outside.  Uh-oh!  The Rescuer's Soul jump starts and fires up.  That was not a good sound followed by yelling, screaming and slamming.

Of course, there is no inner control at this point and I ran outside to investigate.  I know the house that it's coming from so I go to their back gate just in time to have the gate slammed shut again... HARD!  It bowed on it's hinges... then the outside door slammed shut.

Her voice was yelling for him to get off her.  More screaming.  The neighbor yelled for them to be quiet or she was calling the cops!  Um, after ALL that JUST transpired with the screaming you are just now THREATENING to call the cops? So I decided to walk to the front of the house.

Well, what to my wandering eyes do appear but a gaggle of people with their cellphones to their ear!  Okay, we are getting somewhere.  At least people (yes, the gaggle) are actually calling the police.  Well, for my Rescuer's Soul, that just isn't good enough, for that moment in time when she is STILL screaming from inside.

I hightailed it to the front door and pounded on that damn thing!  Of course, I had no idea what was going to jump out at me so I backed up. All I can say is that my Army of Angels was standing behind me. He opened the door.  She was pacing the inside of the house with her bags.  She was obviously not bloodied so that was good.  I said they should probably both come outside and sit down to cool off.  She actually yelled at me that he pushed her down the stairs and that I needed to mind my own business.  YES, in the same breath!!! 

Um, so if he is "beating the shit out of you", you get pushed fall down the stairs because you are so intoxicated, you are going to have the audacity to tell me to mind my own business???  I'm here to rescue you, you ungrateful LUSHatic!!!  I've had my experience of someone  people like this so this wasn't new to me.

As I was speaking to them the PD helicopter was overhead so I knew it wouldn't be long before the police arrived.  I started to walk back home when a neighbor from across the street came over saying he wanted to do something.... but wanted to mind his own business.  When he saw me going to the door he thought he'd come over and be my backup...  all buck twenty-five of him.  The thought was nice, however.

So I had to lesson him up a bit.  Had she really been beaten and bloodied, when one "minds their own business", it could be a flash between life and death for her.  Sure, something really bad could have happened to me, but I was hoping and praying I had backed up far enough in case something came flying out that door.

Afterwards, my dad told me the story of a woman in New York.  All her neighbors heard her from inside her home.  From the safety of their own homes, they didn't want to get involved.  Her batterer took to beating outside.  Still, the people in the safety of their own homes did nothing.  Not one person called the police because they didn't want to get involved.  She died that night.  Outside, in the open.  Beaten to death.

To that ungrateful LUSHatic.  Damn you!  I'm NOT going to mind my own business because you could die!