January 7, 2014

An Army of Angels... and lessons taught.

I had one of the weirdest experiences tonight than I've had since I was....  about 25!!!

My evening getting off work was the same as any other.  I meandered out the door, tumbled into the car, surprised at the breezy traffic and marveled at the wondrous sunset on the way home.  We've been having some fabulous sunrises and sunsets... as I see both every day!!

I got home to pick up the dogs to go to the parentals' house to join them for dinner.  As I was packing up our leashes and supplies I heard this blood curdling scream outside.  Uh-oh!  The Rescuer's Soul jump starts and fires up.  That was not a good sound followed by yelling, screaming and slamming.

Of course, there is no inner control at this point and I ran outside to investigate.  I know the house that it's coming from so I go to their back gate just in time to have the gate slammed shut again... HARD!  It bowed on it's hinges... then the outside door slammed shut.

Her voice was yelling for him to get off her.  More screaming.  The neighbor yelled for them to be quiet or she was calling the cops!  Um, after ALL that JUST transpired with the screaming you are just now THREATENING to call the cops? So I decided to walk to the front of the house.

Well, what to my wandering eyes do appear but a gaggle of people with their cellphones to their ear!  Okay, we are getting somewhere.  At least people (yes, the gaggle) are actually calling the police.  Well, for my Rescuer's Soul, that just isn't good enough, for that moment in time when she is STILL screaming from inside.

I hightailed it to the front door and pounded on that damn thing!  Of course, I had no idea what was going to jump out at me so I backed up. All I can say is that my Army of Angels was standing behind me. He opened the door.  She was pacing the inside of the house with her bags.  She was obviously not bloodied so that was good.  I said they should probably both come outside and sit down to cool off.  She actually yelled at me that he pushed her down the stairs and that I needed to mind my own business.  YES, in the same breath!!! 

Um, so if he is "beating the shit out of you", you get pushed fall down the stairs because you are so intoxicated, you are going to have the audacity to tell me to mind my own business???  I'm here to rescue you, you ungrateful LUSHatic!!!  I've had my experience of someone  people like this so this wasn't new to me.

As I was speaking to them the PD helicopter was overhead so I knew it wouldn't be long before the police arrived.  I started to walk back home when a neighbor from across the street came over saying he wanted to do something.... but wanted to mind his own business.  When he saw me going to the door he thought he'd come over and be my backup...  all buck twenty-five of him.  The thought was nice, however.

So I had to lesson him up a bit.  Had she really been beaten and bloodied, when one "minds their own business", it could be a flash between life and death for her.  Sure, something really bad could have happened to me, but I was hoping and praying I had backed up far enough in case something came flying out that door.

Afterwards, my dad told me the story of a woman in New York.  All her neighbors heard her from inside her home.  From the safety of their own homes, they didn't want to get involved.  Her batterer took to beating outside.  Still, the people in the safety of their own homes did nothing.  Not one person called the police because they didn't want to get involved.  She died that night.  Outside, in the open.  Beaten to death.

To that ungrateful LUSHatic.  Damn you!  I'm NOT going to mind my own business because you could die!

December 4, 2012

My Little Animal Rescuer

What a hellaciously crazy chaotic morning WE just had.  All was going smoothly minus the fact that Hannah, the Foster Wonderpup, was going crazy at the other dogs out for their poop walks this morning. 

All was manageable until we saw.... the dog.

At the end of our back street there was a BIG 90 something pounds of dark brown big headed dog staring at us.  Thankfully, Boomer and the Wonderpup didn't notice, but they DID notice the man walking towards us to go down and look at the dog.  All hell broke loose with Boomer booming and Hannah snorting and snarling.  All the while I'm trying to get Miracle to NOT go down to the end of the street in case the dog was not friendly.  Oh, but because I'm dealing with the dogs straining their leashes and the man wanting them to sniff his hand I lost sight of Miracle.

The last thing I saw as I was corralling MY dogs into the back gate was her black boot in mid-air running after the dog through the middle sidewalk and into our front courtyard.  Yes, just the boot and no body dressed in a pink polka dotted Hello Kitty dress that no one could miss seeing for miles!  Just the boot.  It was sort of surreal.

So I get them in the gate and run around to the front and she's nowhere to be seen.  I'm calling and running... yeah, I don't run, but I did!  I didn't hear screaming or yelling or barking so I was ASSUMING she wasn't being attacked by that big brown creature.  I found her and the sniffing hand man down at the end of the parking drive with our neighbor lady.  Come to find out he's a very friendly, UN-NEUTERED Chocolate Lab with a huge head. 

So we tried and tried to get the dog to just stop walking.  He wasn't running or trotting, but merrily walking and sniffing and slobbering.  Thankfully, another neighbor came up in his truck to say he could put the dog in his back patio.  GREAT!  But, I had to catch him and leash him... Oh, yeah, no collar.  DUH!  Un-neutered dog, no collar, probably not chipped either.  YAY ME!

We could not get the dog to just stop long enough to loop a leash on his neck until lo and behold....  the mini-lab whisperer walked up and put her arms around his neck where he stayed so I could leash him.


Now the fun begins!  To post posters, call Avid, call Animal control, knock door-to-door....  but, I'm so glad I had my little partner with me to get that big galoot safe and away from the chance of being hit by a car.

Kudos to my little rescuer's heart!

December 3, 2012

Talking animals

As almost anyone I know knows I am obsessed with animals and the welfare of such creatures.  I, do, however have such a fascination with the "talking" animals, mainly dogs.  I can sit and replay a video of a Husky talking... over and over and over.  I just think it's the funniest thing.  Today I was graced with the below video and thought I would share it along with two more of THEE funniest ones I've seen.

#1 Husky sings with baby:

#2 Oh Long Johnson

#3  Ultimate Dog Tease (absolute favorite)

#4  Cat Playing "I Spy"

Have fun!!!

October 16, 2012

I Am Grateful

I am so grateful for a child that is trying to do her best even at her worst. I'm grateful that we can giggle about it later. I'm grateful that I have the means to have a home that we can giggle about it later IN. I'm grateful that I can feed that said child and that she has not had to go hungry even when I have felt despair at the thinning means to do so. I am grateful and thankful for the people in my life, far and near, for each one has taught me so much along the way.

I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to give back of myself to help others.  It gives ME pleasure to help when I can, to give where I can, to make pain go away with the tools I've been given and learned to use.  I am not on a self-gratifying mission in this life.  But, at the same time, it IS self-gratifying.  I LOVE to do it. 

I am grateful for my sight.  Without it, where would I be?  How would I survive without something that I've taken for granted my ENTIRE life?  Right now I struggle to see WITH glasses.  I can not imagine struggling in complete darkness with only sounds, smells and touch to help guide my way.  I see others so CONFIDENTLY walking with their sight sticks or assistance companion dogs and think how grateful I am that I am not them.  But, in reality...  they DO see the world differently and maybe a bit more intensely with their other senses so sharpened.  They don't take anything for granted.  I will no longer do so myself.

I am actually deep down grateful for my struggles.  I've struggled in the past few years with where my life has gone.  It is definitely not where I thought I would be.  I've struggled financially, emotionally, mentally...  and, why???  I wasn't here two years ago, but I AM in a better place than two years ago... or five years ago.  I'm grateful for those five years that have made me a much stronger person, even when I don't realize it.  Even when I don't FEEL it.  In the end, I've gotten through everything that has come my way.  It's time to stop.  Recharge my engine and move forward with the strength that has been gathering.  I can feel it.  I know it's there.

This life is such a gift (and I've been talking about life gifts a lot lately) that I can not waste and take for granted.  I can no longer think of just getting through one more day to the next.  When one does that, there is no enjoying the road you are traveling on.  It  just becomes "trudgery" (Yes, I made up that word.  Not that it hasn't been said before, I'm sure. Yay me!).      
Be grateful.  Be honest. Be kind. 

October 5, 2012

Brody the Hell Hound

Well, I thought I would attempt to get a little creative on our evening walk and video tape it. As you will see our set up to exit went pretty well and SHE did what she was supposed to do. I, on the other hand, did not. I broke one of the training Master the Walk rules in there somewhere since I was the one that was distracted with the camera upon exiting ourselves from the house.

Our neighbor’s dog, Brody, is a rescue from the streets of Compton so he is a legit BAD ASS! I love him, however, and have never met outside his home. From the sound of him, you will know why. Over the years when we pass by I always speak to him and he has grown accustomed to the sound of my flip flops, Boomer’s smell and the sound from his collar. He likes us too, I’d like to think. He is forever behind his black security door in the dark and I’ve not really seen him until two days ago… for the first time. All I saw was a hunched up brindle creature with its head low to the ground and BIG WHITE TEETH in this gaping yelling mouth. All I could think of was pity for him. I’m not sure how often he gets out… probably entirely not enough.

We always know when someone is walking my out front because the first thing you hear is Brody, followed by a yell and then an expletive in one loud form or another.

In my humble, most amateur video the first sound you hear is Brody. Yes, that is a DOG. He is then followed by Hannah yelling back and me scrambling to get a grip to calm her down all the while trying to “stay calm and assertive”. Uh… yeah, right.


Even with this little hiccup in our walk, we had a very good walk thereafter.  Hannah did really well!

September 29, 2012

The Chronicles of Hannah... the Wonderpup - Part 2

My crazy Miracle
So Hannah came to live with us on Friday, July 24, 2012.  Mona brought her to our home and it was oddly reminiscent of the times we had the foster kids come to live with us.  It was such a familiar feeling having someone on their way to drop off a little package to remain in my care...  A little package to love unconditionally.

Miracle and I were waiting in such anticipation.  The last time a foster creature came to live with me was nine years ago!  That creature has never left.  I wonder what will become of this new creature that is now named Hannah...?

Hannah being as feral as she was (and to some extent still is), had not had the experience of being able to lie on a couch or sleep on someone's bed.  It was and is still so obvious to me that this little girl was not shown any kind of unconditional love... at least that stuck with her in her memory.

Mr. Boomer Bo Dingo
When Mona got to our home we went for a walk together to see how she would be with Boomer.  Now... Boomer is an interesting soul.  We adopted him from the shelter at six months old so he rather knows the ropes around here being the ripe olddog teen at 7 1/2.  He is also a very stable unstable dog.  He loves other dogs, mostly, but some people, not so much.  I think that's the negative side of having Boomer as my Hannah dog rehabilitator.  But, that's okay.  He has really stepped in to help Hannah become a DOG!!  But, I digressed.

Once we went on our walk we took Hannah inside.  It was very plain to see that she'd most likely never set foot on hard flooring.  Her poor little paws just didn't know what to do!  After slipping and sliding around a bit, she was able to get her bearings and explore her new digs.  She quickly seemed to relax.  She even didn't seem to mind being around the cat.  The cat, however, had a difference of opinion.  She was not too thrilled to have another four legs in our place.  AT ALL!

Night 1
That first night seemed so easy.  All was really going well...  She felt comfortable enough to hop on the couch... albeit as far away from Boomer as possible in the beginning.  By the end of the night when it was time to go to bed, she didn't hesitate jumping on the foot of the bed where she seemed to have a homing device planted prior.  She curled up and fell asleep, snoring all night long.  No crying, no whining, no scratching at the door to get to the freedom of the dark, quiet night world that she was so used to before.  To this day, two months later, she has yet to make one mess in the house.

Was she REALLY found as a stray in a truck stop?  Seriously, this girl came house trained!

September 10, 2012

The Chronicles of Hannah... the Wonderpup - Part 1

Below is the video and the post I saw of this cute, little honey colored pup that completely captured my heart.  I'm not sure how I was even drawn to the video posted on Facebook or to the person that posted it.  The person is Mona Chaichi.  She works tirelessly (well, maybe she is actually always tired as she works, is a student and rescues as many as she can on her own).
I use a Facebook page for my dog, Boomer Beau Dingo, to network, share and post about stray animals, rescue organizations and animal stories in the news and around the web.

I began networking for some of Mona's rescues and donated to her efforts.  That video of that little dog kept tugging at my heart.  I knew Mona was trying to catch her and had been for months along with Hannah's partner, another little GSD pup.  They were both living in a truck center for about a year I found out later.  

That little pup, who Mona named Hannah, has made it into our home and has snuggled into our hearts.  I can't believe I am actually fostering her!  My former rescue life has come full circle to me.  I'm unable to be out there as I used to actually doing the physical work of rescuing so fostering Hannah satisfies that yearning... for now!  

Please read about Hannah and go to Mona's Facebook page from the link above.  If you live in Orange County or the Los Angeles area, please consider donating, fostering or adopting any of the great pups she has needing a caring, safe, loving home.  

Hopeless In The Blazing Sun to Becoming The Sunshine Herself!
By Mona Chaichi of "DogTag: You're It Independent Rescue
July 7, 2012

Hannah's first video

Southern California/Local Adoption Only 
Can you provide a loving forever home for this sweet girl? Her name is Hannah and she has finally been rescued after having lived for months on end in the blazing sun in a truck lot, roaming in between trucks, and hiding in the field for shelter. 

We first noticed Hannah about 5 months ago in this desolate area in a truck lot. In our attempts to rescue one dog that day, we spotted her in an enclosed area with fencing all around. When we drove close the first thing we noticed was that her head seemed twice the size of her body -- that's because of how severely underweight she had been on our first sighting. When we drove a little closer, she was already long gone and out of sight. 

We've gone back to the area for several other rescues and hadn't seen her until two weeks ago.  We went back a few times including 4th of July but we failed at catching her. Good Samaritans who work on the lot had been feeding her for awhile so she had put on a good amount of weight but still underweight. With the heat approaching the high 90s we were scared for her, knowing how easily she was dehydrated and could easily overheat and suffer a heatstroke so we needed to see her that day. Thankfully we spotted her on July 9th desperately laying on the concrete in the hot sun exhausted and dehydrated. 

What seemed like an eternity to bring her to safety... we finally had our sweet girl. What we know about Hannah is that she is approximately 18 months and weights 37.01 lbs and is an absolute sweetheart who hasn't seen real love and affection. Please help in providing Hannah a loving forever home where she can feel safe and loved. She will be completely up to date with all needed medical on Tuesday, including vaccines, spay procedure, dental polishing, fecal test, heartworm test, and of course microchipped. 

You may contact us via dogtagyoureit@gmail.com if interested in adopting Hannah. 

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150888074136134 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150923163761134.417423.638111133&type=3 

Thank you, Mona & Sara