September 29, 2012

The Chronicles of Hannah... the Wonderpup - Part 2

My crazy Miracle
So Hannah came to live with us on Friday, July 24, 2012.  Mona brought her to our home and it was oddly reminiscent of the times we had the foster kids come to live with us.  It was such a familiar feeling having someone on their way to drop off a little package to remain in my care...  A little package to love unconditionally.

Miracle and I were waiting in such anticipation.  The last time a foster creature came to live with me was nine years ago!  That creature has never left.  I wonder what will become of this new creature that is now named Hannah...?

Hannah being as feral as she was (and to some extent still is), had not had the experience of being able to lie on a couch or sleep on someone's bed.  It was and is still so obvious to me that this little girl was not shown any kind of unconditional love... at least that stuck with her in her memory.

Mr. Boomer Bo Dingo
When Mona got to our home we went for a walk together to see how she would be with Boomer.  Now... Boomer is an interesting soul.  We adopted him from the shelter at six months old so he rather knows the ropes around here being the ripe olddog teen at 7 1/2.  He is also a very stable unstable dog.  He loves other dogs, mostly, but some people, not so much.  I think that's the negative side of having Boomer as my Hannah dog rehabilitator.  But, that's okay.  He has really stepped in to help Hannah become a DOG!!  But, I digressed.

Once we went on our walk we took Hannah inside.  It was very plain to see that she'd most likely never set foot on hard flooring.  Her poor little paws just didn't know what to do!  After slipping and sliding around a bit, she was able to get her bearings and explore her new digs.  She quickly seemed to relax.  She even didn't seem to mind being around the cat.  The cat, however, had a difference of opinion.  She was not too thrilled to have another four legs in our place.  AT ALL!

Night 1
That first night seemed so easy.  All was really going well...  She felt comfortable enough to hop on the couch... albeit as far away from Boomer as possible in the beginning.  By the end of the night when it was time to go to bed, she didn't hesitate jumping on the foot of the bed where she seemed to have a homing device planted prior.  She curled up and fell asleep, snoring all night long.  No crying, no whining, no scratching at the door to get to the freedom of the dark, quiet night world that she was so used to before.  To this day, two months later, she has yet to make one mess in the house.

Was she REALLY found as a stray in a truck stop?  Seriously, this girl came house trained!

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