December 4, 2012

My Little Animal Rescuer

What a hellaciously crazy chaotic morning WE just had.  All was going smoothly minus the fact that Hannah, the Foster Wonderpup, was going crazy at the other dogs out for their poop walks this morning. 

All was manageable until we saw.... the dog.

At the end of our back street there was a BIG 90 something pounds of dark brown big headed dog staring at us.  Thankfully, Boomer and the Wonderpup didn't notice, but they DID notice the man walking towards us to go down and look at the dog.  All hell broke loose with Boomer booming and Hannah snorting and snarling.  All the while I'm trying to get Miracle to NOT go down to the end of the street in case the dog was not friendly.  Oh, but because I'm dealing with the dogs straining their leashes and the man wanting them to sniff his hand I lost sight of Miracle.

The last thing I saw as I was corralling MY dogs into the back gate was her black boot in mid-air running after the dog through the middle sidewalk and into our front courtyard.  Yes, just the boot and no body dressed in a pink polka dotted Hello Kitty dress that no one could miss seeing for miles!  Just the boot.  It was sort of surreal.

So I get them in the gate and run around to the front and she's nowhere to be seen.  I'm calling and running... yeah, I don't run, but I did!  I didn't hear screaming or yelling or barking so I was ASSUMING she wasn't being attacked by that big brown creature.  I found her and the sniffing hand man down at the end of the parking drive with our neighbor lady.  Come to find out he's a very friendly, UN-NEUTERED Chocolate Lab with a huge head. 

So we tried and tried to get the dog to just stop walking.  He wasn't running or trotting, but merrily walking and sniffing and slobbering.  Thankfully, another neighbor came up in his truck to say he could put the dog in his back patio.  GREAT!  But, I had to catch him and leash him... Oh, yeah, no collar.  DUH!  Un-neutered dog, no collar, probably not chipped either.  YAY ME!

We could not get the dog to just stop long enough to loop a leash on his neck until lo and behold....  the mini-lab whisperer walked up and put her arms around his neck where he stayed so I could leash him.


Now the fun begins!  To post posters, call Avid, call Animal control, knock door-to-door....  but, I'm so glad I had my little partner with me to get that big galoot safe and away from the chance of being hit by a car.

Kudos to my little rescuer's heart!

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