February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day...

I'll be open and darn right rootin' tootin' up front with it... I hate Valentine's Day and today is that day. I'm happy for all out there that have a true, bona fide Valentine -- a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, friends, kids, dog/cat... I have a few of those on my list as well and they are the ones that make me truly happy.

I don't need to have the conventional Valentine to make me feel complete or validated. That's actually farther from reality than most might think of my situation or one similar.

What is my problem, then, one might ask? As I type this out... maybe I'm not so sure either!

The thought of the day creeping up along with the typical diamond commercials and the happy wishes exchanged amoung people here and there only come as a big bang reminder on THIS day that yes, I am alone. I may be alone in the conventional way, but I am surrounded by many people (and pets) that I feel truly do love me. That in and of itself reminds me that I am very much NOT lonely.

Right now as I sit and type this I'm without my most special Valentine. I didn't wake up to her not so little feet padding across the floor, calling to the dog, running down the stairs, rifling through her toys.... Maybe that's why I'm in this "Groundhog Day" funky Valentine mood.

So, I guess this will be my New Valentine's Day resolutions:
  1. Continue to just love everyone unconditionally
  2. Appreciate what I have and share it
  3. Enjoy the day for what the day is
  4. Teach my daughter the strength in herself, even without the conventional Valentine

I guess I can go on forEVER, but will refrain for now...

So, in the spirit of the day and my new outlook, have a very happy Valentine's Day however you celebrate it!

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