January 14, 2010

The New Year...

So I'm well into the first month of the new year. There's not much about this month that has been exciting -- yet -- or even mildly noteworthy. I just feel responsible to write something here so I don't lag behind too far.

There's so much in my head at the most inopportune times, but alas, I forget to write things down and that trickles into not posting anything at all.

Time is passing by so quickly... so much has happened in the last few years and it's all gone by in such a blink... a fraction of a blink it seems.

My wee one is not so wee anymore and she's just turned seven in this new year! Seven!!! I can still picture the day she came into our lives and even that seems like a fraction of a blink for the timespan.

Wow! Am I getting old...?

I'm hoping this year brings about a lot of change and hopefully good change. Lordy knows, I sure need some good to come my way. I feel there's plenty of good in my family and my friends... in the fun things that we do, in the good times, in the people we meet along the way. Along the way as in this life journey we are on.

Okay, enough mushy stuffy...

Happy belated New Year to all... at least to any or the very few that may pass by and read this.

Woo woo!

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