December 21, 2009

I got firewood!!! Yay!

I've been promising Miracle a fire in our little fireplace for that last couple weeks, but just haven't gotten myself out there to buy the firewood. I'm very bound and determined to have it all prepared for either Christmas Eve or Christmas night

We were invited by our sister company in the building to join them today for lunch and a white elephant gift exchange. Lunch was very good and they seemed all ready for this gift exchange. They seem like a really fun bunch of people

One of the first gift searcher outers was opening up a white box that ended up being firewood! How perfect of a gift is that for me!!

Of course, it was snatched up not only once, but twice!! There was still about ten numbers and plenty of time for someone else to snatch it up before I got a chance.

Number 21!! That's me!!

I slithered on over to the "victim" and stole that box right out from under her!


Now, I do realize that this is NOT what the holiday season is about whatsoever, but when you've made a promise to your child and don't have the extra funds to possibly pull that promise off, I guess you go to whatever lengths you can.

I know, I'm being dramatic and I didn't actually slither on over, but the excitement was definitely building for me.

We had a great time and Gearge, the greyhound, went away with a very nice gray plaid scarf... from Macy's!!!

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  1. Wow...congrats on the great "steal". It was meant to be yours, just think of it that way, or it would have been stolen a third time and frozen.