December 21, 2009

See Mom? There's gifts under the tree!

So, I was on the phone with my brother yesterday discussing Christmas and his family coming down possibly. We also discussed how tight this holiday is for everyone and that we wouldn't exchange gifts. It's tough not being able to get anything for the kids, but just spending time with them is good enough for me... and will have to do.

I have found that living in a matchbox of a townhome, even two-story, yields for not much privacy and I have to keep in mind that I've got a little one with really BIG ears. It's amazing what they pick up, even when you talk in code.

Miracle must have heard one part of the converation while I was in the kitchen near the laundry area and she was playing in the family room (mind you, it's only mere steps and no wall seperating the kitchen and the family room) when I mentioned that I didn't have any gifts under the tree yet and wasn't sure if or when I'd be able to.

Magically and unbenownst to me, she got up and put one of her toys in this huge bag. She got a hair tie and tied the top. She also got a small gift bag and put some of her toys in there and placed both under the tree.

I finished up my conversation and went into the family room and she looked at me while walking over to the tree. She pointed down and said, "Look, mommy, we do have gifts under the tree. I have the big one and the little one. I'm going to play with the big one later".

That cracked me up and just about made me cry. We spent a whole day at a community center working with some very needy families and some of the homeless community. I think she took away a lot from that experience and throughout this season.

We've been talking about other families less fortunate than we are and that it's good to help when you can. She's been talking about it here and there and it makes me feel really good that I've got a very compassionate little girl!

Of course Mommy thinks she's awesome!


  1. Love her....what a character and a huge heart! Good job money. Lots of xoxoxoox from us.

  2. Great story.. you are exposing Miracle to some amazing and awesome experiences that will only serve to make her into an amazing and awesome adult.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Melissa. You are teaching Miracle what really counts in life. So Awsome!