November 17, 2009

Bonfires and the best of friends...

I really enjoy the Autumn season. Living in Southern California, however, if we actually DO get some Autumn time, it's usually short-lived.

While living in the land of milk and honey… or better yet Oranges at one time that I can actually remember, we have it pretty good where the weather is concerned. We may have the occasional earthquake or “tremor” more likely, but all in all, it’s a pretty natural disaster-inclement weather-free area.

This past weekend, Miracle and I went to a beach bonfire.

I… LOVE… bonfires!

There’s something about being at the beach at night in the first place, then you add some “chilly” breezes, warm clothes, and a great fire. The icing on the cake, though, is the people. It makes me happy to just be around some wonderful people and enjoy the sounds of chit chat, catching up, giggles from the kids, and the laughter!

The laughter, for me, is the best medicine to ease a long tough day of doing the chores, the homework, the general running around. When we are with some good friends… all the other stresses of the world seem to go away… if just for that short period of time.

Today, I say thank you to all my SMAPs that were able to attend the bonfire… and to those that could not. We had a fantabulously wonderful time!!!

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