October 27, 2009

The Stinky Girl

My daughter LOVES LOVES French Onion Soup!!!

It's definitely NOT one of my favorites, but for some reason she just loves it. I always know what she has had for lunch when she goes to Mama Cilla and Papa Chuck's house because, quite frankly, she STINKS -- not to mention the fact that it seeps from her pores for at least a day or two!

Somehow, by the magic of just being the "Miracle" that she is, she convinces them to go to Mimi's Cafe and gets her usual little bowl of the soup with some fruit. At least it's healthy, I guess!!

This was a little ditty of a poem I made up... again, just to make her laugh!

French Onion Soup and the Little Stinky Girl

She's all woken up this mornin'
All sleepy-eyed and a-yawnin'
She's wearing her Barbie gown so pink
But boy, oh boy, does that little girl stink!

How can something ever so cute
So sweet as fresh picked fruit
Smell so awfully bad?

See, my little girl has a weakness
And that, I truly know
Our family got together, the troup
And at dinner she had the French Onion Soup!

This is truly how it goes
Everyone around her knows
She loves the stuff so very much
But the next day, it's hard to be around her and such

All I really want to say
To her this very day
Before you go potty
Brush your teeth cuz you smell rotty!

One look from my yawny girl
Makes my heart a-flitter and a-whirl
None of it really matters
One look, one kiss and the smell just goes and shatters!

I know! It sounds so mean, but hey, it got her giggling again!

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