October 19, 2009

So did you REALLY jump into your jammies 'cuz you knew I was coming over?

So, this is kind of a weird experience. Dad has a new girlfriend of about… three months (supposedly they were “friends” for much longer) … and we both agreed that she wouldn’t stay over on the one night a week that Miracle is supposed to be spending the night.

Well, this past Friday Miracle spent the night as planned (which is not consistent, but whatever). Since I was going to be picking her up really early, he was going to have her all fed and ready to go.

She was a good girl and did everything she was supposed to and I was a little early, but all worked out well. I get to his apartment and go in to get all of her things and lo and behold, who comes out of the bedroom in her damn jammies, but the girlfriend.

Uh…. hello!! What are you doing here and why the hell are you in your jammies???

I get outside and ask Dad if we were still on the same page about the whole “girlfriend not spending the night thing on the one night a week that you have your daughter”.

He says… oh, no, she didn’t spend the night. She was dropping her daughter off at her Cosmetology school thing and she came over right after. So, I asked if she just came over in her jammies at 7:30 in the morning -- just thinking it to be a little odd. He says, oh no, she didn’t come in them, she changed into them. I, of course, laughed, but the funnier thing was the look he was giving when he was telling me about it, like even HE thought it to be odd. Damn clingon!

Now, am I crazy or does that seem a little too passive/aggressive? Why would you do that knowing I would be over to pick up my child? Can you make an awkward situation even more awkward?

Please, oh, please? Could you?


  1. Oh lordy....that's something shifty.

    Sounds like the girlfriend is peeing to mark her territory, even if she is only jumping into them after she shows up. Kinda like "Yeah, I'm here and I'm so comfy and in the zone, I'mma jump in ma pjs."

    Stay strong and keep to your guns.

  2. Katie I totally agree! But I feel sorry for the girl - she obviously is insecure that she would feel the need to mark her territory.
    Missy - Stay strong!

  3. Thanks, you two! I could understand if I was the bitchy ex-wife type, but I'm not. I try to make it easy on everyone!