October 23, 2009

My daughter is a hoarder

As a disclaimer, in no way am I making fun of this debilitating disease, but I am finding that my daughter has these tendencies that could possibly turn into something down the road.

Could it?

I find her little stashes of things EVERYWHERE.

I find chapsticks, dressup earrings, a plethora of toy cell phones, broken cell phones, pens up the WAZOO, pads of papers, torn papers, cut papers, cards, playing cards... you name it, it's there.

And they are all in my car!!!!!

I go to clean out my car periodically, but try to stay on a schedule once a week since we are just scrambling from here to there and back around again.

She has these little -- and sometimes big -- items crammed into the deep crevices of the seat cushions, the door handle slots, the pouches (yes, plural!) in the back seats.

How does she actually smuggle this stuff in there?!?!?!? She goes into the car with a tiny little pocket book or purse bag and leaves this mound of stuff when she exits!

Is she stuffing her shirt, her skirt, her undies???

This is a phenomena that I may never find the answer to.

But, it cracks me up to say the least!

When I bring it to her attention, she gives me a little side look, bobbles her head a wee bit... then giggles!!!

I love that little girl o' mine!

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