March 24, 2010

My Norton Commando burn!

I was talking to Miracle the other day in line at, of all places, Disneyland for another exciting ride on California Adventure. We were comparing, of all things, our owies and how we got them.

One in particular sort of made me cringe and crack me up at the same time. For any motorcycle enthusiasts in my little world of peeps, the biggest rider faux paus is getting your leg stuck on a very HOT tail pipe while trying to remove yourself after a really long ride! Wow that was such a painful experience, but unlike childbirth, I have no scar any longer... no "badge of honor", if you will.

Well, that happened to me when I was about 19 or so. My brother used to take me out on his Commando all the time and everywhere!! We really had some good times going to rallies, riding Ortega Highway, going up to the Rock Store, Cook's Corner, and just meeting up with other riders.

One time we went to a rally up in L.A. against the helmet law! Yes, those were much different times back then. I miss those times and reflect on them fondly as probably one of three things I had in common with my brother... and one of the three things he let me do with him.

Ride on, Jeff!!!

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