May 21, 2010

Bargain Bin Bargain

So, we've all done it. We've gone to the clothing store knowing we can't over spend -- or at least going in THINKING that way.

I went to Target for some regular home supplies, some Miracle lunch snacks and toiletries. I thought I would take a look at the sales racks as I always find at least one thing that I just can't pass up.

Well, I found that one thing. I have been needing a solid black skirt of lighter material. I wanted something not too dressy and not too casual. I found what I thought I was looking for, but it was a little shorter than I wanted.

I looked at the price tag and read $4.98...

(evil laugh at the thought I was almost actually STEALING this skirt!)

I didn't have time to try it on, but it seemed to be my right size.
I took it and we were gone. As I customarily do, I threw it in the wash. I hung it in the closest and sort of forgot about it. Until today.

I went in to put on my "stolen at a great deal" skirt and to my surprise.... It has shorts built in!!! Uh... what??? Did I get a sporty skirt or something???

Yeah... so now, if I really want to get crazy and feeling in a really exercisy mood, I can hike up my skirt, tuck it all up in the waistband and hop on my bike to get to work!!! When I get there, I can untuck my skirt and wear it normal again.



  1. I was thinking you can slide down the slide at the park events now...LOL

  2. Hahahah!!! Oh yeah I can!!! No panty shots for me!!!