June 8, 2010

The Side Hug

Hugging is such an important part of our society as "pack animals" or in my opinion should be!! I don't think people do enough of that hugging because of what society has portrayed touching to be... or possibly could be if taken in a negative context. And, unfortunately, for some the horror of some acts of touching has taken them to some very dark places. People of the inappropriate types of touching should be shipped off and bombed to Kingdom Come... but I digress!

Like laughter, I think hugs are a very valuable tool for us to use, take, and give when we need or when someone else is in need. Just having that human to human touch or that human to pet touch can really send some good feelings back and forth.

You see the work in progress when you look into the other person's eyes and see that little sparkle. You see it when they return your look with a smile. and vice versa. That Human Element is working at its best when there has been a warm, successful exchange. Now, if you can ever experience a group hug, then you have truly experienced something extraordinary!! I'm not talking orgy style here, so gitcher minds outta the guttah!

Recently I experienced a Side Hug, that I think I truly needed!! This particular Side Hug lasted a good 45 seconds or so... just long enough to experience some Human Element exchange in a moment of friendship that was very comforting at a time that I think I needed it.

Yes, I soaked it up and didn't even realize all of its potential until it was almost over. But, about a week and a half later, the affect of my Side Hug is still lingering. That's some pretty powerful medicine, if you ask me!

I don't think this person even realizes it as I've not mentioned it... and probably never will. That's okay... hopefully, it made them feel just as special for that brief moment as it did me.

So, to you my friend whom you don't know who you are...

Thank you for my Side Hug!

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  1. I agree. A good hug with lots of feeling behind it (friendly or otherwise) can stick with you for some time.