December 1, 2010

A day of shopping with MeeMaw

This poem was created for my Aunt Rita. Every year her family in Washington creates a poem or just reads a poem (I can't remember). My mom asked me to help her out with one and this is what I did... Shhhh, I think it's supposed to be a secret that she didn't create it herself. This one is from the mind of her little granddaughter. So in the spirit of the holidays...

A day of shopping with MeeMaw (that's what her grandkids call her)

It was a day that started just like any other
I was off to go shopping with MeeMaw, my Grandmother
The PT was shining and all aglow
We were all dressed up and ready to go

In the length of time it took
For me to get dressed and read a book
My MeeMaw was dressing and warming her tea
In anticipation of picking up me

There are many, many times, you see,
That I try to be as naked as can be
My mommy, God Bless her Soul!
To be naked is my goal

Soon after I was all bundled and warm
The tap at the door was my queue to perform
With a little shake, a rattle and a roll
MeeMaw and I were ready to stroll

Going slow and steady the Cruiser went
What a view my window lent
In my car seat with my snacks and my juice
The world was going by, "Whoa, was that a blue goose?"

Driving slower and slower and then a little turn
We were at our destination, the store, for toys I did yearn
Into the basket I was softly placed
All strapped in with MeeMaw's belly I faced

Rows and rows with shelves stacked so high
What, oh what will MeeMaw buy?
Then what upon my eyes did appear?
A little toy pony; I smiled from ear to ear

Oh, how I love my MeeMaw, so kind and so sweet
She just made my day of shopping fun and complete

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