December 1, 2010

The Pow Wow...

Since Miracle has some heritage we try to attend as many Pow Wows as we can. We used to go more often when she was younger and then more sporadic as she got older. Here is one day we went when she was only about two years old...
It was just too hot to function...

It was just too hot for the wee one
How could I have thought it would be fun?
What a little trooper mommy has
Full of life and sassafrazz

Our day had begun just as any before
We got our juice, our snacks and then it was out the door
We sang in the car all the Wiggles songs she knows
Including Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

When we got there
The crowd was pretty bare
We scoped out the restrooms and the arena
She was excited and giggled like a hyena

We walked through all the booths
Looking at things like little sleuths
Oh, hurry 'cuz we gotta run
The Grand Entry has just begun

We found a good spot on the bleachers
Next to all the other hot creatures
The sun was blaring down
Right on her nappy little crown

She sat on my lap enthralled
With all the dances that were being called
After a bit she began to fade
She was in dire need of some Gatorade

We left the arena to get something to drink
That turned into lunch, yes fry bread, I think
We found a good spot under a friendly tree
She was revived and danced with glee

After we were done we went back under the hot sun
This was not a good combination
After a little while she began to spaz
Mommy understands the frustration she has

Time to take the shirt off and go
Everything she said was NO, NO, NO!
Quickly we hightailed it to the car
Luckily we didn't have to drive far

Back home in the cool of the house
My little Meeko again quiet as a mouse
It was just too hot for the wee one
How could I have thought it would be fun?

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