February 16, 2011

Dream Chronicles...

I love dreams!  I love to try and figure them out and talk to others about their dreams and what they think they mean.  This morning I slept through my alarm, but as I'm waking from my sleep state, this is what I was seeing.

I was at a new single parent meetup and I didn't know anyone there.  Miracle and I, who seemed to be about 10 years old, were there late.  This meetup was for parents that are a bit more "natural" or "granola"... treehuggers.  This is something that is up my alley, but that's for another post.

So, I'm in the family room/dining room area of this condo and there isn't any furniture or pictures!  Kind of weird, right?  People are mulling about and were outside in the back area.  One of the daughters who looked to be about seven (with a pacifier in her mouth of all things) came in from the back through the curtains that covered the sliding glass door.  Mind you, everything was granola colored... the carpet, the walls and this humongous curtain that covered the entire wall. 

She comes in saying that we were late.  How could we be late?  Why were we late?  Don't we know it's rude to be late???  I looked away from her and then back and she was about sixteen!!  She proceeded to repeat these questions about us being late as if it were her mantra.  I finally blurted out that I had to feed the dog!!!

I listened in on this conversation these two men were having.  As one of them turned to look at me he had Harry Potter glasses drawn on his face!  He, too, was dressed in very granola colored clothing.  His friend never turned to look at me, but I don't know who the first guy is or even the shape shifting girl with the pacifier!

So I proceed to tell Miracle, who is nowhere in sight, that we need to leave.  We have to leave because we are late....

.... and then I woke up!

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