August 12, 2009

The littlest package

She came to us after just under three days notice. I received a call from our social worker that they had a 3 1/2 week old baby girl that would be needing a home, straight from the hospital after her long struggle -- just to live.

They told us that the angels (nurses) in the NICU named her Baby Girl, Baby Feather, and Baby Girl Feather as her biological mom's name was Feather. Soon after she came to us we learned that her actual birth name was...

Miracle Feather.

Once we agreed to foster this little newborn (without any hesitation, mind you), it was a matter of waiting and trying to gather up as much of the necessities as possible. With the love and compassion of our family, within a 36 hour period we were given many hand-me-downs of a stroller, a crib, a car seat, a bassinet and as many clothes as we could get.

She was "delivered" to us by a social worker named Melissa and I'll never forget the whirlwind of the few hours before our little package arrived. Just the running around for the needed supplies was maddening enough, but then, when the actual time came, we were stupified.
We were going to be parents "again".

When Miracle came to us she was actually our third foster child. The first two were so very special to us and we loved them both so much even in the short time that they were in our lives. Even though they were with us for such a short time, they will be in our hearts forever.

The evening that she came was so exciting and rather frightening. Even though she was going to possibly be with us temporarily, we were still going to be her sole caretakers until that time came. This little 4 1/2 pound package was going to be relying on us solely for everything. I wasn't used to having such a responsibility for such a small, fragile little thing.

I remember pacing the kitchen while my former spouse was sitting in his Lazy Boy, hands grasping the arms, knuckles white. We were acting like we were in our own delivery room. The suspense was killing us! Melissa was late. She called as she was on her way. She called again that she was going to be even later. Were they going to take this little one away from us even before she came?

The doorbell rang and in walks Melissa with this tiny, black-haired little thing of a baby girl. She had the smallest, most delicate features all wrapped up in a newly crocheted blanket. She had an all too big cap, onesie and booties. That's all she had to her. That's all she "owned".

Well, that was that! Off Melissa went in as quick of a flurry as she did coming in. No manual. No directions.

We were left to enjoy our new little package that has grown and grown into the biggest gift I could have EVER wished for. She is my Miracle -- every day and in every way.

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  1. Tears....tears at work.


    This was gorgeous. Touching and wonderful to boot.